Relationship Readiness Evaluation Testimonials


Thank you for the results from the Relationship Readiness Quiz. The explanations you've provided are indeed true and I had identified them as being problems areas for me. I am working through understanding and definitely overcoming these challenges that are a result of many years of trials and personal obstacles. With Jesus as my compass, I expect deliverance and healing in the area of developing healthy and lifelong relationships.

REVIEWER: Samantha H.

You're right, Nancy - I keep bringing in people that trigger pain thinking this was some strange way of resolving it. I didn't understand. Thank you for clarifying things with the personal evaluation and for your suggestions. I'll give it a go!


Thank you very much for your evaluation. I really appreciate it and I have taken note to all that you have said and a lot makes sense to me. My task now is just to try and move away from this unhealthy relationship. It’s not going to be easy but I have to do this for myself.


Thanks again for the results of the quiz and I'm encouraged in the way you bring out your points. I'll continue seeking the face of God and asking for guidance. God bless you abundantly!

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