Success Story - Jane

You can achieve the relationship dreams that God has placed in your heart. It is my belief that it is never too late for love to enter into your life. Let's take a look at a wonderful success story that I'm positive will inspire you.After you read this story and are motivated to achieve relationship success, I can help you reach those goals just as Jane did.

Jane’s Story

After searching for true and lasting love, Jane applied the principles of Nancy’s teachings and met her right relationship.

Jane shares from the beginning...

Growing up in an Asian family, I learned quickly that my life was supposed to always revolve around good grades and success. Since my parents grew up poor, they tried to influence us kids to be successful and to eventually also marry someone who was successful. This of course put a lot of stress on me as I didn't want to disappoint my parents. After all, we were lucky to be here and I was the lucky one to have been born in the US.

Jane's experiences in love...

During my teenage years I never had a serious boyfriend and therefore didn't know what was expected of me or how to act. Guess you could say I didn't have any real hands on experience on how to be a good partner in a relationship. Nor did I fully realize what I wanted and needed in a relationship or what to expect from my partner.

I got married after graduate school to someone I knew while I went to college. The first few years went by well or some thought, then everything began to slowly pile up. Soon, I began to question who I was, who my husband was, and what I wanted out of our marriage. As I said earlier I grew up in America, but within a very strict Asian household. I was always told to bring home A+ grades and felt bad if I didn't. Don't misunderstand me; my parents loved us kids very, very much. But there were so many unrelenting standards that were conscious and unconscious in my life. As a result of my high expectations, a divorce soon occurred.

During this time I got involved quickly in an abusive relationship. I was led to believe I was a bad person and that I wasn't worth anything. Somehow I remained in this devastating relationship for some time because I thought to myself, "I'm divorced; I'm damaged goods; and who would want to marry me?"

A new perspective

Well God had great plans for me and during this time. I became a believer and accepted Christ as my new husband. I told others I was dating "JC". Some people knew who he was; some didn't and I didn't care. All I knew was that I was God's bride and He loved me and took great care of me! For three years I got close to God and I learned a lot about what God wants from me, from a marriage, and developed and understanding that I am His creation. We got to spend much quality time with each other, time that I will always cherish! But He was also molding me into a Proverbs 31 wife.

You can learn about God and His ways from the bible and prayers, but you can also learn from the Godly people He gives you. Nancy was sent by God to help teach me about having the right relationship with the husband God had in store for me. Nancy helped me let go of some of the baggage I was carrying from my youth and past marriage that could potentially harm or sabotage my future. That process helped me get ready to meet my husband to be Michael Humphrey.

Jane shares her marriage proposal from Michael...

On the Saturday he proposed, Michael planned a wonderful day out some with good friends at the lake. As usual, we went wakeboarding, then he dropped off his friends at the dock next to a restaurant. Michael usually takes me on the lake for an evening cruise and this was looking like a normal night for us...Michael and I, the boat, the lake, and Shiner his huge yellow Lab.

It was after 8 p.m. now and Michael had anchored us near the bridge. During our first date Michael took me on a tour of the lake and then tried to get us dinner at a restaurant but it had closed early. So, we learned a lot about each other by being anchored for hours near this bridge eating four flavors of homemade ice cream that he had made. Guess you could say he held me captive!

Michael had not made the ice cream again for me until this Saturday. He got on his knees in the boat and proceeded to feed me three kinds of ice cream. This whole time Michael was on his knees, wearing a very nice shirt to go wakeboarding in and playing songs about love, marriage and putting a ring on my finger on his stereo. Duh! It was like I was Homer Simpson that evening!

Michael then told me to try a fourth flavor that he had never made before and I was a bit perplexed. There was a cup with paper on the inside of this ice cream cup and I couldn’t understand why it was in there. He kept asking me what it was and I kept repeating that it was a cup within a cup and asking him why it was there! Finally, the poor man had to flick the ring and I finally saw the shiny diamond ring.

Well, I will be honest and share that I was crying and embarrassed that I didn´t put all of these wonderful things together. Michael then asked me to marry him, after all he was still on his knees on the floor of his boat! And I said, 'Of course I´ll marry you!' I won´t share what we did after this, but all of it was beyond dreamy and romantic.

Michael is truly a gift from heaven. Never have I been so happy and complete in my life. We can't believe we have each other for spouses as love each other so much! Working through my past truly helped my journey to being a Godly wife all the more special and worthwhile.

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