Success Story - April

No matter what you have experienced in life, you can achieve the relationship dreams that God has placed in your heart. It is my belief that it is never too late for love to enter into your life if you are willing to surrender all past pain to God and allow Him to heal your heart. Let's take a look at another wonderful success story that I'm positive will inspire you.

After you read this story and are motivated to achieve relationship success, I can help you reach those goals just as April experienced.

April’s Story

If you have experienced trauma early in your formative years, I believe April's story will reveal the wonderful love Jesus is ready to pour into your life when you accept Him as your Savior.

April shares from the beginning...

I grew up in a house with my younger brother, David, and both parents. When my brother turned 18, our parents divorced. It was a battle for 7 years until finally a judge decided everything. My brother has learning disabilities and we pretty much raised ourselves because Mom was too busy defending herself against Dad...and Dad was too busy controlling Mom. I moved out at 16 and rushed into one relationship after another. I've been divorced - twice. My first husband was similar to my Dad in his temper and controlling personality. My second husband was both similar in behavior and looks. I realized how close my husbands were to my Dad through your online course where I evaluated my last three relationships. That brought a lot out for me to see.

Before their divorce, I have happy memories of growing up on the family farm. My Mom was a stay-at-home mom and my Dad was partner in the family dairy farm. I can remember playing in the barn with the animals and running around the big farm house.

Things changed when Dad was in a collision and suffered from head trauma. It was a long road to recovery and after that our "normal" was never the same. After trying to go back to work and struggling to function, Dad became very short tempered and violent towards me. I can remember when Dad would get home, we were told to "be good because your father is home." We then tiptoed around everything. I was 10 years old and my brother David was 6 years old. At this point, we started raising ourselves. I took David under my wing at home and school and went to work at 14.

During this turmoil, Dad and I did not get along. I tried to get close to him by being an "A" student and working hard. He was very sarcastic and controlling. When we were in public we had to pretend we were the perfect family. Dad was so supportive in public but at home never got involved with what we did. I also became really tough towards him and was the only one he was physically abused. I don't remember him touching Mom, but he mentally abused her to the point of breaking. He was so critical of everything. I started hating him. Dad spent money on whatever he wanted, which included planes. We lived like we were poor while he had toys. I was tired of the games and it started to come out. We became more and more distant.

God Brings a Divine Healing Moment...

Healing did not come to April overnight, but she did lay the foundation for God to open a door of healing. It is through these divine opportunities that we can see the impact our dedication to living out the Word of God. April chose not to allow her past to define her present or her future.

The last time I saw my Dad I had gone home for the funeral of a close family friend. My friends shared with me how precious time is and you never know when your time here on earth is done. My Dad just happened to call them asking for help moving an airplane engine at that moment. So they asked me if I wanted to go along. Not only did I go along I offered to drive.

When I pulled in the driveway of the house I grew up in it brought back a lot of good and bad memories. My Dad came out and when he realized it was me he didn't know what to do. I really surprised him. They moved the engine and we talked for a few minutes in the driveway as a group about how I was doing. When it was time to leave, I gave my Dad a hug and told him that I loved him. He returned the hug and said, "I love you, too."

God Brings the Desires of April's Heart...

In past relationships, April was looking for healing through her romantic relationships by attracting men who had similar qualities and characteristics of her Dad. By working through the hurt and pain she experienced growing up, she then could clearly "see" the right man and experience the love that she so greatly deserves.

A friend talked me into putting a profile together on a free website and I was honest about myself and how important my faith in God is to me. Brad was the only person that I talked to online. We just clicked. We have been together for 2 years next month. He’s my best friend! He had never ridden a horse before meeting me and he rides with me now. We love it! We camp with the dogs and horses for vacation and love spending time together with the animals outdoors. My family loves him and he has joined my church. He’s the first man that I have ever been in a relationship with that I could pray with.

Nancy thank you so much for helping me to find my way home. This journey has been very painful at times but your support and guidance have truly helped me get to where I am today. You have helped bring the Lord into my life and since then life has become so much more.

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