Relationship Exercises

Renewing of Your Mind

In order to break free of relationship patterns that do not lead you to the right relationship, it is imperative that you take control of your thought life. It is very easy to allow emotions to lead your life: meaning an undisciplined mind will allow life to happen to you. A renewed mind will stand on the word of God and bring people, events and circumstances that are a result of a new focus of who you are in Christ. Read more about how to Renew Your Mind and how you can know if he is the right one.

What are Core Beliefs?

Every person has a set belief system in place which determines your personal truths. It is the foundation in which you have built your life on. Your life experiences will reinforce those truths so it is imperative that you examine what you truly believe. If you have negative beliefs about relationships, yourself and love then you are more likely to attract experiences that bring those mindsets into your reality. Learn how you can take steps to reshape your relationship destiny with this exercise.

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