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Secrets to Right Relationships Revealed

How to Positively Change Relationship Mindsets and Experience Real Love

It is not only important to work through any barriers to love that have formed through your life experiences, but also to visualize how you will feel in an emotionally healthy relationship. The key is to know what is acceptable behavior and what is not; being able to receive love that builds you up instead of tears you down; and being able to show up in the relationship as your authentic self.

If you’ve wondered how you will recognize the right relationship, this series will reveal the components of a loving, lasting and God-centered relationship. The challenge is the tendency to unconsciously sabotage a healthy relationship because it doesn’t “feel” right and repeat the same pattern.

The good news is that you are well equipped with everything you need to experience the love that God intends for you. In this series, you will have a better understanding of what makes true love lasting and fulfilling and with this knowledge will be one day close to that dream!

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Overcoming High Chemistry Relationships

How to Break Free of Love Barriers and Create Lasting Love

Have you ever wondered why the wrong person lights up your emotional radar and sends you down romantic paths that lead to unfulfilling relationships? You may be in a place today where you have been through so much heartbreak that the very thought of being vulnerable in love is overwhelming. You think you’d rather be alone and perhaps even lonely than experience the grief wrong relationships can place on your heart.

These types of relationships that are based on high chemistry are a huge temptation for many people and not only prolongs he process of finding the right person, but also takes a definite and profound toll on self-confidence, self-respect and other close relationships.

Life is meant to be shared in a loving, emotionally healthy environment. And the best news of all is that you have all the necessary tools already inside of you to experience the love that God has placed in your heart. In this series you will learn how to recognize the warning signs of wrong relationships and the reasons why you are attracted to certain types of individuals. By applying this information to your life, you will choose love over drama!

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