E-Course: What To Look For in a Man

What if you knew how to spot the right man and avoid the pitfalls of dating and committing to another Mr. Wrong instead of Mr. Right? What if you could know exactly what to look for in a man that will ultimately lead to the desires of your heart? Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

You can select a good man and avoid the losers. You know, those guys who have been a date magnet for you - the ones who are “in-between” jobs; guys who immediately want to camp out at your place or come over at all hours of the night; those who are self-centered and self-absorbed, inattentive to your needs and desires. Guys who have the uncanny ability to make you feel like you are last on their priority list.

You deserve much more in love!

You can avoid those types of men from now on if you know what to look for from the get-go. You can see who is relationship material and who is just out for a good time before you become emotionally attached - and even before you accept that first date.

The good news:
The right men want stability and commitment.
They are not players.
The right guy wants to meet a woman he can share life with in a loving marriage.
He’s not looking to add drama to your life; he’s looking to make a quality life with you.

The main relationship challenge women I've worked with have is a tendency to attract the same type of wrong man, thinking the next guy will be different from all the rest. Unfortunately, what happens is a repeat of the previous relationship. You’re then left with a broken heart and not anywhere closer to the relationship desires in your heart.

If you really knew what to look for in a man, you'd know how to effortlessly attract Mr. Right. You’d be on the path towards commitment and marriage.

What to Look for in a Man eCourse

Teaches you:
Why new relationships fail. It has nothing to do with your new relationship and everything to do with your old relationships and past experiences in love. I’ll teach you how to embrace true healing so you do not repeat that pattern again.
The primary reasons why men marry particular women. It’s not about becoming model perfect or becoming so compliant that you lose your unique identity.
Why some women drive away good men. Decent men are not boring and you are not doomed to be with a string of losers, staying way too long in pointless relationships. I will show you how to tell if you are selecting men based on high chemistry and how to stop allowing your emotions rule your relationship decisions.
The importance of being comfortable with yourself. It is important to love the woman God made you to be and embrace the freedom of being loved as your authentic self. The right guy will not expect perfection. He will love everything about you and not be intent on changing you into something you’re not. I will teach you how to remove the barriers to love that keep a good man from knowing the real you.

The principles I’m about to share with you are based on a Christian foundation which works and leads to emotionally healthy and loving relationships. You can learn what you need to look for in a man. With that valuable and priceless knowledge, you will experience real love leading to marriage, leaving the days of fruitless dating behind once and for all.

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