You Can Balance Love and Career

Key steps toward achieving both life goals

Starting off in your career is an exciting time in life as you want to make a good impression, enthusiastic about new opportunities. However, there is more to life than career, especially if you desire marriage and children eventually. It is possible to balance those two important life goals by being disciplined and focused on the desired results.

What are the key components of balancing love and career?

1. Balance requires effort.
From the get-go, set a career boundary that you will work diligently and effectively when at the office, but use free time to expand your personal and social life. If you give employers the impression you are on call 24/7, they will come to expect that standard from you.

2. Visualize love.
When you decided what you wanted to do in your career, you declared a particular major and took the necessary courses to graduate. The same principle applies to love: you need a good visual to know what you are striving to achieve. It is important to write out the qualities and characteristics the right man in your life will possess. After you start dating a number of different types of people, you probably will refine those must haves. However, it is very important you have a place to start. Once you know what you want, make sure you date men who fit your criteria. You will eventually commit and marry someone you have dated, so get into the mode of dating with purpose and being comfortable only with Mr. Possibilities instead of many Mr. Right Nows.

3. Dating takes practice.
You should not take a break from dating and focus on your career. It is a huge trap and will get you out of the routine of balancing your life priorities and goals. Dating is a process of not only learning about what you want in love, but also give you the chance to grow emotionally and spiritually. Through dating, you will discover what red flags you should look for in love, learn how to communicate and resolve conflicts effectively and develop an awareness of what an emotionally healthy relationship looks and feels like.

What steps can young single women take to meet men who fit their criteria?

1. Participate in activities you enjoy.
It is important to pursue other life interests to not only make you a well-rounded person, but also to prevent career from being your source of identity. No matter what appeals to you, make the effort to join a group and meet those like minded people to develop that skill. It isn't necessarily the people who attend, but it is those they know who could possibly open doors to love.

2. Allow friends and family members introduce you to single men.
Don't be shy about enlisting help from others. Go with an open mind and understand that each person who crosses your path, no matter how briefly will give you additional knowledge about yourself and the type of person who will be best suited for you long term.

3. Join a church and attend the singles activities offered.
You will not find Mr. Right at a bar with your girlfriends. The good men are in places that promote excellence. Surround yourself with as many people who possess high integrity, good morals and character and you will be happily surprised at the introduction you are given.

4. Go to alumni functions.
Do not rely on social media to be your source of catching up with friends. Meet in person and nurture those relationships and friendships.

Once a dating relationship progresses, how long should she wait to see if it will lead to commitment?

1. Designate a time frame.
Ideally, date for at least six months and then evaluate the relationship direction. Be careful to date with integrity and be very honest if you do not see this as a long term possibility. It is kinder and more considerate to break the news early than to lead someone on, allowing them to believe there is more to the relationship. Develop a habit of being clear about your relationship goals and sticking with those convictions. It is not okay to continue dating a man you know is not right for you and look for a replacement boyfriend at the same time.

2. Do not move in together to test compatibility.
When you mutually agree the relationship is going to the direction toward commitment, refrain from testing compatibility through living together. This is not the next step and easily places you in limbo because there is not a clear definition of your relationship. It halts the process of developing mutual love, trust, respect and honor for one another. It is easy to find many years of your life pass by in this state without reaching the ultimate goal of marriage and family.

It is possible to have a fulfilling career and thriving personal life with a little forethought, planning and determination. Both life realms are goals that can be achieved and one does not necessarily mean the other will not be realized. Do not waste away these early years dating men who you would never picture yourself with long term. When you are ready for commitment and marriage, you will be ready to attract the right relationship because you have made the most of your dating opportunities.

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