Dating App Dangers

Mobile Dating Apps Are Not Short Cuts To Love

Have you considered going mobile in your quest to find love? Recently, I was interviewed to discuss the pros and cons of dating during the time of smart phones. Online dating is not the only high-tech option for singles to meet each other anymore. Some creative approaches include an app that allows the user to find a connection while waiting at the airport for a flight. Another popular application uses the GPS feature on your smartphone and locates singles in your vicinity. While availability is an important factor in meeting the right guy, common sense about safety is definitely needed when using these avenues. Who uses these apps? People who want to enjoy the moment and have a good time; those who enjoy the chase and the thrill of meeting new people; people seeking superficial connections that probably will not go anywhere.

If you are serious about attracting the right person for love and commitment, don't expect these apps to lead you to the altar. Also, there are some major cons with sharing your personal information in this manner:

It will not lead to traditional dating. The primary idea behind this avenue to dating is spontaneity, which generally leads to poor choices. When you are emotional and down or feeling lonely and insecure, it is tempting to let down your guard because of the possibly instantaneous response. The wrong motivation always leads to regret.

It is not a controlled environment. Apps generally promote finding other singles in places such as bars, which can lead to various safety issues for women. Paying close attention to your intuition usually nose dives with alcohol and can lead to the tendency of giving out too much personal information to someone you do not even know. It is worse than a blind date, which at least has a common friend involved.

Is this person really single? Features are not going to include background checks.The implied sense of security is the use of Facebook profiles within the app. How many people do you know who have hundreds of so-called friends on Facebook? They do not know all these people intimately and more than likely are accepting any friend request.

Apps can be hacked. For women especially, there are security issues because of the vulnerability of mobile applications. Do not assume every user has good intentions. While the likelihood of meeting a stalker is small, the possibility is present and should be considered.

One important aspect of dating is being emotionally ready to meet the right one. Creative ways of opening more doors for that person to enter your life is definitely a positive move because those new avenues put you in front of people outside your routine. However, be wise and listen to your intuition when joining various high-tech options.

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