The Truth About Relationships

The Key to Trust in Love

Everyone attracts relationships that reflect the fundamental beliefs developed early in life concerning self image, perceptions towards relationships and worthiness to receive love. If you consistently attract emotionally unhealthy people, there is a pattern that you must break first so you can recognize and be comfortable in a balanced, loving relationship. The challenges you face in love are always about past fears that must be worked through. Usually, human nature dictates that the other person in the relationship is the one with the “problem.” Once you realize the obstacle blocking love is yourself, a huge step towards awareness – and attaining the love you seek will be met.

During my extensive career of working with men and women as a relationship coach, I have discovered the truth about relationships is revealed in the healing power of committing to a life built on a solid spiritual foundation. Faced with the challenge of transformation, even to conquer self-defeating behavior, it is easy to initially find numerous ways to resist that change and sabotage those efforts. That is why one must work in unison with spirituality as the foundation to build on so those bonds can be broken. You alone have power over your thoughts and can stop allowing negativity to command your emotions.

Until you work through these negative core beliefs, you will have the strongest chemistry with those who press the buttons of unresolved trust issues. Many times the emotions associated with love are not truly love, but the familiarity of reactions formed early in life.

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The challenges single moms face

Single moms have a difficult balancing job between children, home and work. Usually love is not even on the radar and certainly not a top priority. Nancy tells single moms that working through past hurt and creating a Relationship Plan is vital to attracting lasting love.

Even if you are not a single mom, it is imperative that you take the time to prepare for love so you do not pass down the same relationship pattern.

It's Generational

When children are exposed to dysfunctional behaviors, they develop ways to protect themselves emotionally in relationships, and that learned behavior carries over to adulthood. As a result of your circumstances, you instinctively set the stage through your relationships for the exact experience so you can work through your past. Each individual you attract may be completely different on the surface, but the feelings and emotions from each relationship are the same.

Because the people we attract reflect who we think we are, it is important to build your self-esteem and concentrate on believing you are deserving of a loving, stable, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling relationship.

Your life has special meaning and uniqueness. You will attract a wonderful person once you honestly believe you are worthy of love.

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