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Marriage Counseling:Deepening mutual connection within marriage

Has your marriage hit a wall where you do not feel you understand each other? Do you feel disconnected from your spouse and wonder if the marriage can survive? It is possible to rekindle love through effectively communicating what is lacking in the relationship. With busy careers topped with the responsibility of raising children, it's easy for couples to place their relationship as a low priority. The result of not nurturing the marriage is a feeling of isolation and loneliness. While it is easy to throw all your time and energy into your children and/or career, that decision does take a heavy toll on marriage. The good news? You can start right where you are and rebuild your love by learning and applying practical tools that will bring new life to your relationship.

Is Your Marriage Headed in the Wrong Direction?

  • Criticism: Increase in critical feelings and communication toward your spouse.
  • Contempt: Increase in resentment, sometimes resulting in perpetual frustration.
  • Defensiveness: Avoidance of personal responsibility, especially during conflicts.
  • Avoidance: Increasingly unresponsive to one another, keeping one another out of the communication loop, withholding important information or a marked increase in solo activities.

  • Marriage Counseling

    In our sessions together you will discover:

  • How to prioritize your lives
  • How to deepen and grow in faith individually and as a couple
  • How to talk through and resolve the challenges that bring strife and tension to your marriage.
  • The importance of making time for building your relationship as a couple, outside of raising a family.
  • The importance of creating memories as a couple

  • Couples counseling is not comprised of venting sessions. It is important to establish what each person is feeling in the relationship, however rest assured that the purpose is not to attack one individual, encourage conformity or prove one person is right and the other is wrong. The idea is unity within compromise to lead toward mutual fulfillment.

    If you are like many of my clients, you appreciate the value of personalized counseling. Sessions are generally conducted in person or by video chat in one hour sessions. Together, we can create a proactive plan to reach the life and marriage goals you have in your heart.

    I will provide you with a four-session assessment of the relationship, with a full evaluation prepared especially for you. The four-session assessment includes one session with both members, two individual sessions, and a final session for a review of the assessment.

    After your evaluation, you may choose to continue couples counseling, at which time we will discuss relationship goals.

    If you feel you are growing apart, please take action now. Waiting and hoping things will get better without proactive steps is not wise. Marriages can be saved and it is my desire to help you achieve that success in your relationship.

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