Relationship Preparation Package

Successful Clients Worldwide Describe the Following Benefits from my Relationship Coaching Package:

Increased confidence, enthusiasm and focus on receiving emotionally healthy love.
A clear visualization of the ideal person for dating leading to commitment.
More spiritual connectedness, fulfillment and belief that love will happen in God’s perfect timing
More peace of mind and focused energy
Confident approach to the future
Attracting like-minded individuals for love
Ultimately, marriage to the right person!

Your Relationship Coaching Package Includes:

Part One: Nancy's Top Selling Books
Attract the Lasting Love of Your Life e-book
What to Look for in a Man e-book

My best selling books provide a detailed roadmap for relationship success and how to attract the right person for love. It contains my step-by-step approach to discovering why one attracts certain people for romance. It also contains relatable life stories of others who are facing challenges you can identify with in love. These books are the "must-have" guidance you need to meet the love of your life.

Part Two: Relationship Readiness Quiz

This powerful evaluation empowers you with valuable information. You will see why you have been attracted to certain people in love. My Relationship Readiness Quiz is designed to show you an evaluation of the obstacles that block love and lasting commitment. I will personally send you the results of the quiz upon your submission of the form.

Typical results range from:
Releasing old relationship patterns which did not result in attracting the right relationship
Building meaningful personal and family relationships
Establishing a strong personal foundation based on faith
Attracting like-minded individuals for love
Ultimately, marriage to the right person!

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To get started today, please place your order here and I will send you the information right away. This will be an amazing step toward achieving the relationship dreams and desires of your heart.

Relationship Preparation Package


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