Christian Counselor Nancy Pina's Background

Christian counselor, dating coach and relationship expert, Nancy Pina understands the challenges facing men and women who are seeking the right person to date, commit to and eventually marry. She teaches how to prepare for love and breaking free from barriers that block the desired goal of a lasting relationship.

Her years as a matchmaker highlighted the key factor to attracting the right person: emotional and spiritual readiness. This is one of Nancy's specialties. Extending oneself to meet a variety of new people is a portion of the process, but it is not the primary factor. Many people desire a good relationship, but have not worked through the challenges that sabotage their intimate relationships, and those areas are the focus of Nancy's counseling and coaching sessions.

She draws on her experiences over the past 20 plus years as a relationship coach and Christian counselor with individuals to show how you can reach your heart's desire.

Nancy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern Theological Seminary, receiving a Bachelor of Theology in Christian Counseling. Nancy also holds a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Nancy is a Professional Clinical Member of The National Christian Counselors Association.

More about Nancy in her own words:

What got you started in your profession?

My sincere desire to help people find love propelled me down this amazing career path. I am passionate about advising others not only how to reach relationship goals and dreams but most importantly, how to break free of barriers that block true and lasting love. It is my belief that life is all about relationships and being able to freely give and receive love. When a person is emotionally healthy, they are able to contribute to society, to their chosen profession and to their families and spouses to their fullest potential.

What makes your counseling method unique?

I base my counseling on Christianity and address the foundational faith beliefs of my clients. One of the primary teachings of Jesus was the importance of strong, loving, healthy relationships and knowing that relationship with The Lord must be the top priority.

As many people have experienced first hand, when a relationship or marriage is not working out, it is all consuming. Even when we find ourselves without someone significant, that lack becomes a predominant thought and can lead to an obsession. When a relationship or the desire for love takes over and pushes intimacy with Jesus to the background, one will not find peace.

The key to relationship success is learning which relationships have priority, trusting God's perfect will and timing, growing stronger emotionally and spiritually and not allowing any person to overshadow one's connection with God.

How does a relationship with God help me attract lasting love?

Becoming a deep and mature Christian requires effort and it is through those actions that one learns the character of God. This is important because strengthening your spiritual side is key to learning how good, emotionally healthy relationships work.

The advice I give to my clients is to read the Bible and a devotional on a daily basis. Scriptures will speak to your spirit ... and like any other muscle in your body, once you commit to strengthening your spirituality, you will find emotional healing and restoration. You will truly know who you are in Christ and will develop the ability to see the right person for love.

Can you help me step-by-step about what I should do to change what I experience in love?

Yes! Practical advice based on a solid foundation of Christianity is my specialty. From my experience, I know that one must incorporate a plan of action to break emotional and spiritual barriers to love while standing in faith. Forming a relationship visualization to actualize those dreams God has placed in your heart is imperative to "see" that emotionally healthy relationship.

I am blessed to share the relationship knowledge I've received with others. It is my deep desire to help as many individuals as possible achieve lasting love. I give all glory to God for each person who finds the right relationship.

Lastly, what do you want others to know about you?

I am an optimist and believe that each person can experience the love that God has placed in their hearts. No matter what life looks like at the present moment, circumstances can always change for the better. I have been blessed with professional and personal life experiences that I draw on to not only relate to the challenges others are facing, but also to communicate practical and spiritual steps one can incorporate to rise above and conquer those barriers.

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